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Stop with the shock—it's not doing anyone any favours

02 06, 2017
George Brookman
In my days on the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Committee, I was told that the best comedians are the ones who can make you laugh without using swear words or words that shock the audience.  The very best comedians can read their audiences and have them laughing heartily by using their own life experiences to make the audience react. A true comedian’s humour may be pointed at the audience themselves but more often at the comedian but most often with the use of expletives and vulgarity. True comedy comes from the heart and not from the shock value of the words that are being spoken.
Picture of crowd and microphone with lightning bolt over top to speak to politicians shocking people

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My Other Car is... an ATCO trailer!

12 21, 2017
Stacy Underhill
Signage Solutions Specialist

West Canadian has installed many 3M vehicle wraps on a growing number of non-traditional vehicles—from chuck wagons, to semi-trucks and excavators, our signage team has been challenged by a number of unique vehicles along the way. But the transformation of the mobile ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen took our team to the next level! 

ATCO Mobile Blue Kitchen Vehicle Wrap