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How The Joyful Life Co. Creates Canadian-Made Keepsakes

CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY How The Joyful Life Co. Creates Canadian-Made Keepsakes for Life's Meaningful Moments In 2017, friends and coworkers Melanie Beaudin and Melissa McIntosh had an idea that blossomed into a passion project. Inspired by those special moments that are ever so fleeting when you have young children, they wanted to create a way for families to capture meaningful memories that could be handed down through generations. "As moms, we're so busy that it's hard to be intentional about slowing down to enjoy the little moments you want to remember," says co-founder Melanie. Today, The Joyful Life Co. creates personalized books that provide writing prompts to record meaningful moments – from baby’s first steps to grandma’s favourite recipe – creating a valued keepsake that lasts a lifetime. Finding the way as a Canadian small business With personalized goods on an upward trend, the business had no trouble hitting the ground running when it came to finding customers who were interested in their products. However, finding an efficient way to produce and ship their books was a steeper hill to climb. "There are lots of companies that will print 100 copies of the same book," says Melanie. But since each of their books is uniquely personalized, they needed to be printed individually. "Finding a partner that could print one book at a time, at a reasonable price point, with great quality and with a quick turnaround was a difficult challenge." Melanie and Melissa eventually found a U.S.-based supplier to fulfill their orders, but the trouble didn't stop there. Cross-border shipping created costly delays, and when the orders did arrive, they were often misprinted or damaged from their long journey and needed to be reproduced. "From a management perspective, it was just too much to have to deal with those quality issues," says Melanie. The co-founders began to question if it was worth continuing on with the business. Overcoming hurdles with a supportive fulfillment partner One day, Melanie stumbled across a Facebook post that would change the trajectory of their business. After discovering West Canadian could fulfill their book printing more locally, they decided to take a chance. "We always wanted to work with suppliers local to Canada, but just hadn't found anyone who could provide these services for us until we found West Canadian," says Melanie. Prior to making the switch, Melanie and Melissa would receive their U.S. shipment before individually packaging and shipping the books themselves — a daunting and time-consuming task for a growing business. Today, West Canadian produces, packages and ships The Joyful Life Co.'s books directly to the customer. "Our customers are getting their books way quicker, they're packaged well and we haven't had any quality issues." "Working with West Canadian has really helped streamline things and make the business so much more manageable for us," says Melanie. "We wouldn't have been able to scale if all of this was on us." Creating an exceptional customer experience For The Joyful Life Co., customer experience is a top priority. Since working with West Canadian, they've seen a measurable improvement in customer satisfaction. Because the books are all made to order, the team now has the flexibility to add in customized content based on requests from their customers (such as altering baby book content for single or adoptive parents). What used to be a 2-3 week shipping estimate has now been reduced to 1-2 weeks, ensuring customers who are ordering a last-minute gift receive their package on time. And finally, customer reviews have dramatically improved. Melanie and Melissa are happy to see customers raving about the quality of the books on their Etsy storefront. "West Canadian made this business manageable and enjoyable again. You've brought the fun back into it, and I'm grateful for that." — Melanie Beaudin, Co-Founder Shop with The Joyful Life Co. Find meaningful gifts for the special people in your life by shopping their collection of personalized keepsake books. Visit their Etsy storefront to shop now.

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HR Teams: Spend More Time on People, Less on Paper

HR Teams: Spend More Time on People, Less on Paper Human Resources is changing. Today, many business leaders have an increasing expectation for HR to be strategic, forward-thinking and to run like a well-oiled machine – but in reality, HR professionals are consumed by administrative tasks. As gatekeepers to valuable business information like personnel files, payroll information and recruitment data, HR is one of the most information-intensive departments in the business. Challenges in managing corporate information Managing HR paperwork costs an average $300 per employee annually. It's the manual, paper-based processes that consume time, money and resources – not to mention they expose organizations to compliance risks related to security and privacy. Fortunately, there's a solution. HR departments who embrace digital transformation can simplify the way they work, save money, and eliminate distractions so they can focus on strategic priorities that help drive business performance. Information management solutions like M-Files enable HR departments to scan and convert paper records into searchable digital formats, apply workflows to those documents that automate manual tasks, and securely manage employee data no matter where it's stored – whether it's in network folders, email, ERP systems or elsewhere. Why you should make your HR files accessible online 1) Greater control Digitizing paper records and overlaying an intelligent information management solution will save your HR department time and money. With centralized digital access to employee and corporate information, it's easy to find the information you need regardless of where you're working from. No more searching through filing cabinets or network folders. 2) Stronger security and compliance Paper files are prone to risks like theft, fires and floods, leaving organizations exposed to privacy and security risks. In a secure digital environment, HR can manage who accesses sensitive information using advanced security controls and ensure valuable information is retained in compliance with corporate regulations. 3) Easier access for a remote workforce Is your organization's paper-based information stored away in filing cabinets? Is your staff struggling to access critical information easily and efficiently because they're not always at the office? With remote work on the rise, you can enable your HR team by making company records accessible from any device, anywhere. Not only will it make their jobs easier, but it will save the company time and money. Explore M-Files, a content management solution for your HR department > Spend time caring for people, not paper With the right information management solution, you'll gain easy access to information in a central location, improve security and compliance, and increase collaboration across the business. As a result, your HR team can stay focused on doing what they love: caring for people, not paper. Join us for a virtual event On Wednesday, May 19 at 11 am MST, we'll explore: Common challenges facing HR departments today10+ benefits of improving the way you manage HR informationHow to ditch cumbersome (and risky!) paper-based processesHow your team can leverage M-Files in a short, practical demo

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West Canadian Announces Changes to Executive Leadership Team

West Canadian Announces Changes to Executive Leadership Team West Canadian Digital Imaging ("West Canadian") announced changes to the executive leadership team today. Rob Steed is promoted to Vice President, Partnership and Customer Engagement, Thomas Cancilla is promoted to Vice President, Regional Operations and Corporate Signage, and Lindsay Duprey is promoted to Executive Vice President, Strategic Growth and Innovation. The changes take effect April 1, 2021. "In times of challenge, strong leaders often emerge," says Karen Brookman, President & CEO. "I believe that for West Canadian to have the courage and capability to expand into new areas, build a great future and create new opportunities for our employees; we must have a committed, experienced and capable leadership team at the highest level in the company." Rob Steed (Left), Thomas Cancilla (Centre), Lindsay Duprey (Right) Rob Steed has had a successful career with West Canadian for over 20 years and has been instrumental in the growth of the company's managed services, photobook and digital print business. In his new role, Rob will continue to build trusted relationships with our customers, launch new service offerings and support revenue growth while overseeing Calgary Operations. Over the last 10 years, Thomas Cancilla has lead the growth and success of West Canadian's Edmonton operations and the advancement of our corporate signage business across the country. In his new role, he will focus on expanding regional operational capabilities and contributing to the company's national growth strategy. Lindsay Duprey joined West Canadian three years ago, and has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to develop and execute on sales initiatives and secure strategic partnerships. In her new role, Lindsay will be responsible for developing corporate strategies and growth, and for overseeing our sales, technology services and innovation initiatives with an emphasis on market expansion. Follow us on LinkedIn for other news and updates.

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3 Tips for Marketing Your Election Candidate

3 Tips for Marketing Your Election Candidate Whether you're running a municipal, provincial or federal election campaign or you're part of a group campaigning for a cause, an effective marketing strategy is critical to your success. For some candidates, that strategy may involve digital marketing tactics including online advertising and social media engagement. But it's important not to overlook the non-digital marketing tactics that are effective in building brand awareness, sharing your message and engaging voters if your goal is to develop a well-rounded campaign. Here are three tips and tactics you can use to effectively market your candidate with tangible marketing experiences: 1) Invest in materials that help build brand awareness The extent to which voters are familiar with your candidate and their platform is directly correlated to their recognition of your brand. Having a simple, cohesive message that is presented in a way voters will remember is key. To increase the recognition of your candidate, your campaign should invest in materials that reinforce their campaign message and visual identity. Through repetitive touchpoints with your brand, your voters will begin to take note. For example, your campaign can invest in materials like event banners, feather flags and vehicle wraps... Together, your materials should give the public a clear message about who you are, what your message is, and provide heuristic cues that help them recognize your candidate. Browse our election campaign signage > 2) Offer your voters ways to show their support When you're campaigning for an election, one of your best marketing tactics is word of mouth. If you have an established group of voters or supporters, you can leverage their support as part of your marketing campaign. Start by offering your supporters simple ways they can show their support, like installing a coroplast lawn sign in their yard or sporting a temporary bumper sticker. Not only are these great methods to expand your candidate's reach, but they're also effective fundraising mechanisms. 3) Reach potential voters at home with direct mail Often the best place to reach potential voters with your campaign message is right at home. Direct mail marketing is a great way to do that. Research by Canada Post has shown that direct mail outperforms digital channels consistently – and, in some cases, significantly. Because 86% of Canadians open mail that's personally addressed to them, you know your audience is getting the message. People are connected to their mailboxes more than ever, and a simple postcard or personalized letter from your candidate proves to be an effective way to spread your message. Learn more about Direct Mail Marketing > Creative Solutions for Political Campaign Candidates West Canadian is a one-stop shop for leaders and politicians looking to make a difference in their next election. We create customized solutions for election campaigns, helping you spread your message with eye-catching banners, vehicle wraps, lawn signs, direct mail and more. You name it, we'll build it! Learn more about our solutions for campaign candidates below. West Canadian Digital Imaging is not affiliated, associated or in any way officially connected with any political party or candidate. All images and messaging are designed for illustrative purposes only.

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How much does it cost to scan a box of paper records?

How much does it cost to scan a box of paper records? A standard bankers box of documents contains about 1,800 pages. The industry average to scan those records is between $0.10 and $0.17 per page and a standard box of records costs around $250 to scan. Sounds simple, but there's a caveat. If you see a company advertising $0.07 (or lower!) per image price, buyer beware. You get what you pay for. Our standardized pricing models include all basic digitization services like document preparation, scanning, processing, indexing, quality assurance and file delivery. For those companies offering lower than standard pricing, these basic services may be additional costs that could leave you paying triple. We like to be transparent with our customers about the value we provide. Following are 7 common factors that can contribute to the cost of a document scanning and conversion project. Ready for a personalized estimate? Visit our online calculator for per-box pricing > Common factors that affect pricing for document scanning services 1) How much preparation is needed to prepare your files for scanning? Document preparation for scanning can include removing pages from binders, removing staples and other fasteners, folding down corners and ironing out wrinkled pages. If your paper document collection is looking particularly disorganized or messy, this can increase the amount of prep required. 2) Are your pages single- or double-sided? A standard bankers box averages about 1,800 images per box. But be sure to check for double-sided pages in your collection as these will count as two images (front and back). 3) What sizes are your documents? Standard high-speed scanners can work with documents up to 11x17". Documents larger than that (such as architectural drawings, blueprints or maps) need specialty oversized scanning. 4) How many index fields do you need captured? Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, we can make your documents searchable when they're converted to PDFs. Not all OCR technologies are built with the same level of sophistication. The system we use recognizes over 100 languages, ideal for organizations with multilingual documentation. OCR can also capture and recognize index fields in your document which can help to classify and organize information in your content management system. Index fields will change based on your unique requirements. In most cases, customers only require three standard fields based on their industry. However, there are some customers who have more complex needs and can ask for 50+ custom fields. 5) Do you have scanning accuracy compliance requirements? The industry standard for imaging accuracy rating is 99%. This translates to for every 100 pages, one has an error. Customers with industry-specific compliance regulations sometimes require up to 99.99% accuracy, which requires additional QC and manual oversight that can add to the cost of your project. 6) Do you want each section, folder or document delivered as a PDF? Whether you want each section (common to land files), folder or document delivered as a PDF will affect your per-box price. If one folder has 10 documents in it, it can quickly be scanned all at once into a single PDF. If each of those documents needs to separated into their own PDF, this will require more time and therefore higher cost. 7) Where are your records stored and where do you want them scanned? Our team can securely transport your records collection to our compliant scanning facilities in Calgary or Edmonton, or we can deploy records technicians to scan them on-site at your organization. The method you choose and the physical location of your records will factor into the price of your scanning project. Have questions? Leave us a comment below or contact us directly. Online Calculator for Per-Box Scanning Estimates Curious what scanning your bankers boxes will cost you? Check out our online calculator and get an estimate sent instantly to your inbox.

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West Canadian's 2020 Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays! In the spirit of the holiday season and spending time with loved ones, please be informed that our Calgary and Edmonton corporate offices will have revised hours during the holidays. Dec. 24 - 28 | ClosedDec. 29 - 30 | Open Dec. 31 - Jan. 3 | Closed For questions or help with your order, call 1-800-267-2555 or email our support team.

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West Canadian's George Brookman Appointed to the Order of Canada

West Canadian Digital Imaging is proud to announce that our Owner and Chairman, George Brookman, has been appointed to the Order of Canada by the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada. The Order of Canada is one of our country’s highest civilian honours. Its Companions, Officers and Members take to heart the motto of the Order: DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM ("They desire a better country"). George is recognized by the Order for his commitment to local business initiatives, and for his multifaceted contributions as a Calgary community leader. Some of his recent community leadership roles include: Director of the Field of Crosses, a veteran's memorial tribute in Calgary; Chairman of Breakfast on the Bridge fundraisers in support of the Calgary Military Family Resource Centre; Ambassador for the Salvation Army's Day of 1,000 Lunches; and Past President and Chairman of the Board of the Calgary Stampede. "To be recognized among thousands of inspiring Canadians is an honour that is both humbling and overwhelming," says George. "This is such a proud moment not just for me, but for my family, friends, colleagues and the many people who have made the journey with me. It’s a true recognition of the importance of community, particularly at this difficult time." Created in 1967, the Order of Canada recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. More than 7,000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order. Those who bear the Order’s iconic snowflake insignia have changed our nation’s measure of success and, through the sum of their accomplishments, have helped us build a better Canada. Appointments are made by the governor general on the recommendation of the Advisory Council for the Order of Canada. Congratulations to the 114 appointees announced today! For more information on the Order of Canada and recent appointees, click the link below.

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The HUB at West Canadian is Temporarily Closed

The HUB at West Canadian is Temporarily Closed As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, West Canadian continues to take appropriate precautions to protect our employees, customers and business partners. Our organization is assessing the situation daily and remains committed to adhering to the Federal and Alberta Health Services guidelines. Until further notice, we have closed our walk-in services at The HUB in Calgary to reduce public traffic. Curbside Pickup & Drop Off Available Customers with existing orders are able to arrange delivery service or curbside pickup by calling Client Services at 403-313-5866. Curbside pickup and drop off are available between 8 am - 4 pm on weekdays. For more information, please reach out to

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Welcome to West Canadian's New Website!

Welcome to West Canadian's New Website! Over the years, it has always been our passion to provide you with a personalized, professional customer experience that enables you with what you need, when you need it. Today, we're taking that mission one step further as we launch a new website with a fresh look and improved online experience. What's new on the site? Here are a few things you can expect to find on our new website: An expanded navigation menu that makes it easier to find information about our solutions, services and ways to get in touchA robust resource centre with centralized access to our Blog, Case Studies, and Project Gallery Updated information about Who We Are, Our Sustainability Program, Community Initiatives, Careers and more... A fresh, modern and vibrant look and feel Same great features, fresh new look Things may look a little different, but you're able to access the same great features you were before, including: 1) Send Us Files Locate the Send Us Files button in the top navigation, circled below. 2) Client Login For access to WebConnect, ProjectConnect and ImageConnect portals, click the Client Login button circled below. We hope you enjoy visiting our new site! If you require assistance or have questions, please contact your Account Manager or contact us here.

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