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Printing Services for Every Business

At West Canadian, we focus on providing high quality digital printing services for documents businesses need every day. Corporate clients, architects, engineers, construction companies, interior designers and graphic designers across Alberta trust us to produce top quality, cost-effective printed materials–even with tight deadlines.

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Corporate &

Get quality digital printing solutions that put your best foot forward whether you’re communicating internally or marketing your business to the world. We produce your presentation materials, training and technical manuals to help you elevate your business. Unify your brand and professional image through quality business cards, letterhead and forms. 

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

We can scan, plot, copy, fold and bind your architectural and engineering drawings, site plans, maps and more using advanced digital technology. Our professional printing and scanning services can be used for large format black and white CAD Printing, Construction Bid Sets and Reprodesk Job Submissions. Manage your projects from start to finish with our online plan room, Project Connect. 

Print Marketing

The world of print marketing continues to evolve alongside digital technology. A combination of print and digital communication makes for a strong marketing strategy that draws attention to your business from all angles. West Canadian offers comprehensive print marketing solutions to help you reach and capture your target audience. 

Graphic Designers

Offset look and feel—for maximum quality. Graphic designers trust us to make their work shine with our advanced digital print technology. The HP Indigo Digital Press uses Electroink, which offers high quality, digital offset colour—no matter how long the run.  The HP Indigo Digital Press delivers depth of colour, image sharpness, colour stability and repeatability.