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On-Site Digitization & Records Management

Put time back in your employees' days by giving them easy access to information.

How much time do your employees spend searching through paper records when they need to access important information?

Let us help you streamline their search. Our on-site records management professionals integrate seamlessly into your office and can manage your corporate records so your staff can stay focused on their critical priorities. If you've already started your digital transformation journey, we'll work with you to develop a content management strategy, scan your records collection on site, and provide the software, hardware, people and processes you need to maintain secure, scalable and integrated access to your key business records.

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On-Site Scanning & Conversion

Paper records take up valuable real estate in your workplace, are costly to manage and are prone to risks such as theft, fires and floods. Our team of certified professionals use secure, compliant technology and processes to scan and convert your paper documents into accessible digital formats. We can work on-site at your offices, or transport your records to our secure scanning facilities in Calgary or Edmonton.

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On-Site Records Centres

Industries including finance, energy, construction, architecture, insurance and others are still heavily reliant on paper-based processes. Our highly trained records management professionals manage your on-site records centres to locate, retrieve and replace files for your staff, increasing workplace efficiency and reducing time spent searching for information.

" West Canadian scans our student exams and provides quality images, making it much easier for the University to process data and finalize grades."

Records & Information Management

Imagine a workplace where employees, customers and partners always have access to the information they need, when and where they need it. With the right processes and technology in place, you can share and collaborate on documents regardless of where they were created, connecting you in the meaningful moments that enable your business to succeed.

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Process Automation & Optimization

When you integrate out-of-the-box content management solutions with your existing technology ecosystem, it can create information silos that slow down collaboration and business processes. Tap into our Professional Services team who will simplify your content management processes by integrating existing business applications, offering flexible deployment options, leveraging APIs and more.

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Case Study

University of Calgary On-Campus Print and Exam Scanning Experience is Transformed

Learn how the University efficiently prints and accurately scans thousands of student exams all within a tight 48-hour turn around time.

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