Economic Survival

Economic Survival Kit

Most of Alberta has felt the pinch of the current economic situation: cutting costs, laying off valued employees, putting major projects on hold and throwing the breaks on 'nice-to-have' purchases. And now we're left wondering what more we could possible do. 

To bring new perspective, West Canadian has put together an e-book to help guide you through these challenging times. The West Canadian Economic Survival Kit—5 Strategies to Survive & Thrive During an Economic Downturn highlights strategies that will shine new light on cost savings and efficiencies for your organization. 

Download the West Canadian Economic Survival Kit—5 Strategies to Survive & Thrive During an Economic Downturn e-book now! 

Economic Survival Kit

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Discover additional Information Management resources West Canadian provides to you in our published materials below. 


A key component to making outsourcing work for your organization, is to understand the goals of your business and decide how outsourcing certain business processes will allow you to focus on your core business. An integral component of West Canadian's core business is managed print services—digital print, production, business graphics, mailroom and document management. Our proven partnership capabilities can decrease capital expenditures while you experience the convenience of in-house printing. To learn more about how West Canadian can optimize your business success by aligning your data, your people, processes and technology visit Managed Services. 

Digital Mailroom

The Digital Mailroom offers enormous potential for transaction cost reductions and accelerates your business processes. West Canadian uses document capture technology and optical character recognition to digitize your data when capturing incoming letters, faxes, emails, invoices and forms. The Digital Mailroom offers significant financial and operational benefits to organizations looking to improve their efficiencies and workflows. 

Change the way you manage your information and learn how West Canadian can help you get the most out of your data.

Relationship Marketing

A direct response marketing campaign that focuses on customer satisfaction and ultimately, customer retention, is the foundation of relationship marketing. Extend two-way communication beyond the world of sales and advertising and open collaborative communication channels with your customers. West Canadian's in-house marketing and design agency, OrangeDoor, will work with you to develop inbound marketing efforts, as well as social and content strategies to enable you to achieve your organizational goals. 


According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers it costs $120 in labour to search for misfiled documents. And when you factor in that 7% of all paper documents are misfiled or lost—you've got big dollars up going up in smoke. While a smoke signal is one way to survive, we have something better. ECM—Enterprise Content Management—a key tool for economic survival. ECM is the formal process of moving paper documents and electronic files into an organized, retrievable, secure digital format. Our team of information management experts can help you improve efficiency, gain control, save money and lose the smoke signals. 

Brand Visibility 

Be rewarded for keeping your brand visible and ready for fast rebound when the economy turns (and it will turn). History has shown us time and time again that those organizations brave enough to stay in battle during an economic downturn can dramatically gain in market share and sales well into the economic recovery. Whether you have your team of in-house marketing experts, or need to partner up with our team of marketing experts, West Canadian can make sure your brand is front and centre with a number of creative, on-brand print and signage solutions.