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What if new information and records management practices could dramatically improve productivity across your organization? A discovery session will identify your record management objectives. We evaluate your current program and design an end-to-end workflow that covers the lifecycle of your records. Our experienced team will walk you through the deployment process and ensure every stage of implementation is executed to your specifications.  We will show you how to continuously optimize your business processes for increased efficiency and productivity.

Discover Information Management

Changing the way you manage documents and records may seem like an overwhelming project, but with West Canadian, you’re in good hands. We start with a discovery session where we uncover what you want to achieve. Then we build a practical Records Management Solution designed to get you there as painlessly as possible, in a timely fashion, and with the biggest value for your investment.

Design an Information Management Strategy

During the design phase, our ultimate goal is to help you streamline productivity through better management of your information. We start by evaluating your current information and records management program, then we map out an end-to-end workflow that covers the lifecycle of your records, including capturing, managing and archiving. Our plan also considers how users will adapt to the new system, and offers recommendations for a smooth transition. The result: an effective plan customized for your needs, your people and your unique business constraints.

Deploy Information Management Solutions

With your customized records management plan in place, we’ll get started on implementation and deployment. Our experienced team will walk you through the process, and ensure every stage of implementation is executed to your specifications, from high quality document scanning to taking the necessary steps to maintain privacy measures and industry compliance.

Optimize Your Information

When you’ve started operating digitally, you’ll notice the immediate benefits and convenience only an electronic environment can bring. At this stage, we’ll help you fine-tune your system and processes by automating and optimizing business processes to maintain the increased efficiency and productivity you have already experienced.

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Our document management solutions are great for common applications used by most businesses, such as human resources and accounts payable. We also specialize in providing enterprise document management for specific industries.

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We offer cloud-hosted solutions you can access from any internet connection that help you manage your documents and collaborate on projects.

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