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With your customized records management plan in place, we’ll get started on implementation and deployment. Our experienced team will walk you through the process, and ensure every stage of implementation is executed to your specifications, from high quality document scanning to taking the necessary steps to maintain privacy measures and industry compliance.

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Document Scanning

Ensure your data stays accurate, reliable and useable by using our highly secure digital imaging facilities for the scanning portion of implementation.  We specialize in converting paper files to digital records. We uphold high standards of quality control to minimize human error and maintain your specific document requirements. Our secure digital imaging facilities can process large volumes of paper, plus: Microfilm, Microfiche, Electronic File Conversion, Binder Scanning, Book Scanning, Large Format, On-demand or Daily Scanning.

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PDF Optimization

We use PDF Optimization to reduce file size without compromising data—which translates into user friendly documents that can be accessed quicker than traditional file compression. This is particularly beneficial for users accessing documents remotely or via mobile devices.

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An efficient document management solution is complete with powerful search capabilities and features. We collaborate with you to discover the most important search fields used to retrieve your records, and ensure the records are indexed for quick access. Our software has the ability to capture and validate the following index data: document types, date, document name and compliance biographical data.

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File Tracking

During the scanning process, you can keep track of your documents with FileTrail.  A physical records management application we use to track your records so you always know where they are until they’re returned to you. You can even search for specific files as needed.

Hosted Solution

We use secure, cloud-based technology to offer convenient tools built right into your document management solution, including:


Our web-based, project collaboration and document sharing platform is user-friendly and increases project success. Learn More


Our web-based repository for your electronic documents hosts the digital records in a web accessible secure repository. Learn More

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