Design Information Management


During the design phase, our ultimate goal is to help you streamline productivity through better management of your information. We start by evaluating your current information and records management program, then we map out an end-to-end workflow that covers the lifecycle of your records, including capturing, managing and archiving. Our plan also considers how users will adapt to the new system, and offers recommendations for a smooth transition. The result: an effective plan customized for your needs, your people and your unique business constraints.

image processing at west candian

Imaging Process Development

Based on your business needs, we’ll design a process for scanning your information into electronic documents that maximizes usability and minimizes impact on your business. All aspects of your imaging process will be considered including; physical documents, chain of custody, compliance requirements, image quality, indexing and metadata requirements, taxonomies, retention and digital storage. We design your process to connect your digital records to existing applications and route electronic born documents into your chosen ECM.

ecm solution

ECM Solution Architecture

Once your policies are in place, you will need to house all your electronic records. West Canadian’s ImageConnect, offers the solution by providing a secure electronic content management repository. We develop, test and train you on how to use our ECM site and ensure that it is adopted properly throughout your organization. We architect your custom ImageConnect portal to ensure information is imported correctly and structured in a way that is intuitive to your users.

web user profile

User Profile Development

Different users may require access to unique documents or only require temporary access. We’ll design custom workflows and security controls for users with different requirements.

electronic form retrieval

Electronic Forms Management

Form based processes are necessary but consume time and resources. Improve efficiency of everyday tasks by having West Canadian design processes that automate approval chains, workflows and generate task reminders where possible. Used internally or externally, we provide form designs based on the user and specific information you’re seeking.

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