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Document Management Tailored to Your Industry

At West Canadian, we design and implement streamlined document management solutions tailored to the unique needs of your industry. We offer departmental solutions all businesses can use. We can help you improve your productivity through better management of your information, no matter what your industry.


With our headquarters in Alberta, we’re well acquainted with the unique needs and regulations of the energy sector. We have extensive experience overseeing document management projects for our oil & gas clients, including specific process workflows for well files, land files, seismic data, accounts payable, human resources and acquisition and divestitures.


Utility companies trust us to help them manage high volumes of information and quickly access the information they need anytime, from their preferred internet connection. A customized document management system allows you to access customer documents, quickly locate information, drawings, notes and emails.


Clients in the financial sector are tasked with storing and processing large amounts of sensitive financial information. Whether you’re administering group benefits, processing loan applications or reviewing insurance claims, you get secure file storage, quick document access, reduced paper storage and labour costs and convenient e-form solutions.


Boost efficiency of your back office operations and make room for better patient care–our clients in the Healthcare sector benefit from quick access to patient records and efficient organization of patient information and related medical documentation.


All levels of government–including crown corporations and government agencies–can use our document management services for a number of applications, including crown land records, pension records, criminal records, human resources, accounts payable and microfilm/microfiche digitization.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Our document management solutions are great for cloud-based collaboration between project owners, prime consultants and sub-trades, who can easily manage project documents and drawings efficiently and effectively. Our solutions cover office and residential construction (developers, contractors & architects), oil & gas construction (producers & EPCS/EPCMS), human resources and accounts payable.

Accounts Payable

Any business can improve efficiency while reducing costs with an electronic AP invoicing system. We can design a custom solution that provides quicker invoice tracking, reduced data errors and more efficient payment processing – no more late fees! These solutions build stronger relations with suppliers and reduce labour costs.

Human Resources

We can design custom solutions that increase information accessibility, reduce errors and help you track and approve requests more efficiently, and we’re always careful to maintain privacy and regulatory compliance. We’ll help free up your time and resources so you can focus on nurturing a healthy company culture!

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Health, Safety & Environment

Our document management solutions improve efficiency through easier access and help you meet Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (OHS&E) requirements through structured document organization and retrieval. Material safety data sheets, WHMIS certification, incident reports, employee records/certifications and equipment/inspection reports are at easily accessible.

Well/Land File Administration

A custom designed electronic document management solution is perfect for the challenging world of well and land file management and can be integrated with existing applications. Protect your valuable documents with a secure electronic system that also allows you to retrieve the files you need quickly and efficiently.

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