The benefits and convenience only an electronic environment can bring will be noticed immediately. During the optimization stage, we’ll help you fine-tune your system by automating and optimizing business processes. This will maintain the increased efficiency and productivity you have experienced during the initial stages of optimization.  

electronic form retrieval

Electronic Forms

You will improve your external customer experience and your internal user’s processing time by transforming paper-based processes into more efficient and reliable electronic forms.

gears work flow

Workflow Implementation

Introduction of a standardized workflow expedites processing time and approvals–save time, costs and deliver quality of products and services by structuring workflows and automating processes where applicable.

host server

Day Forward Capture

The Day Forward Capture process and software will decrease the volume of physical documents circulating through out your organization. This is done by capturing and indexing your physical documents upon arrival and converting them into accessible, electronic records. Choose to have West Canadian host your electronic documents using ImageConnect, or integrate our software into your existing system.

definition of audit

Audit Trails

A key component to compliance and record integrity is maintaining an audit trail throughout the life of the record. This audit trail tracks the imaging process and beyond, allowing you to monitor user access and document versions for the duration of the document’s lifecycle.

west canadian image processing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Imaging and document management is West Canadian’s core business. Let us streamline your business processes by converting them to more efficient, electronic processes allowing you to focus on your core business.

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