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Love it.

Creative graphics can give your business the visual boost that will stand out from the crowd. Advances in wide format printing provides businesses with the ability to create eye-catching and informative marketing solutions. Let West Canadian help you find inventive ways to draw attention to your store front, event or tradeshow. 

Think signage is only for business? Becky didn't think so. Watch how Becky gets results with West Canadian signage.

Love to get your hands on some of the cool materials we can print on? Contact us today to request a West Canadian Signage Tool Kit. 

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shape cut acrylic signs


Our super wide-format VUTEk digital printer delivers High-Definition Print (HDP) quality on a number of substrates that can be contour cut and assembled into multi-dimensional displays. One unique substrate is our clear acrylic—it can be used for everything from a cool overhead sign, to name plates and directional signage. By printing on the backside, the acrylic panel acts as a protective layer, ensuring your display is long-lasting and protected from scuffs and scratches. 

printed floor mat


No matter what your target demographic, your customers have to watch where they're walking. Walk-on floor graphics feature an anti-slip protective over-laminate—apply to any commercial grade floor and remove it within 6-months with no residue left behind. Need a temporary solution? Re-usable floor mats are made of long lasting, custom printed rubber—durable enough to get walked on, rolled up and used over and over again. 

vinyl decals on barbershop window


Signage plays a vital role in brand recognition and lead generation. A well-designed sign that matches your company's personality and budget can attract the attention of more potential customers—whether it's on the sidewalk, on the road or at an event. Integrate your visual message seamlessly with your company's current campaigns and brand.  

stick to brick vinyl


Create a campaign or build up your brand with multiple innovative signage solutions. Whether you are selecting vinyl graphics for your front window, an interior free-standing sign made of recyclable Eco Board, or a vehicle wrap—West Canadian offers a number of cost-effective options to help you get your company's message seen.  

3d cutouts


Creating a unique signage-story elevates your brand to a new dimension. Our wide-format, sheet-fed, configurable platform for digital shape cutting combines high-speed digital registration with powerful routing and knife-cutting capabilities. Make something people will want to reach out and touch. Life-size cutout of [insert your favourite person here]? You won't believe it's printed and isn't the real-deal.

bus with perforated vinyl decal on side


Flat interior wall, an elevator wrap, exterior brick or stucco? West Canadian offers a range of high quality performance vinyl that adheres to almost any surface. Display vivid graphics on your windows with clear vinyl film printed in full-colour. Looking for an exterior solution? Perforated window film offers a highly visible graphic on the outside while keeping the view on the inside.