Integrated Marketing & Print

Web-to-Print with WebConnect

Maintain brand integrity while empowering your people to order printed collateral online.

Your employees are your brand ambassadors and your marketing materials are their toolkit. With a WebConnect digital storefront, teams are empowered to order printed supplies while your organization maintains reliable brand control.

WebConnect is a user-friendly web-to-print platform that enables employees to order marketing collateral and other corporate materials for print. Using a highly customizable digital storefront, your brand managers can upload standard approved templates for static materials like brochures or variable materials like business cards, ensuring your brand integrity stays intact.

Gain reliable brand control

Empower your employees

Track and control costs

Reliable Brand Control

With WebConnect, your staff can order business cards, brochures, forms and other marketing materials using templates that have been pre-approved by your administrators, enabling your organization to maintain brand integrity. With on-screen proofing and customizable approval processes, you can maintain full control while still enabling your team to order what they want, whenever they need it.

User-Friendly Storefront

Our user-friendly storefronts are easy for anyone to use. Login, select a template and order marketing materials effortlessly from your phone, tablet or desktop. Supported by West Canadian's knowledgeable Application Support team, your WebConnect administrators can customize and brand the storefront to any look or feel.

Streamlined Tracking & Logistics

Seamlessly create, order and manage a library of marketing materials from a single source. Because your materials are printed through West Canadian, you'll gain access to secure fixed printing rates and detailed monthly breakdowns of your print spend that provide insight into your print allocation.

" As a direct result of implementing this solution our savings have gone up and print waste has gone down. We only print what we need, when we need it, making it easy to manage marketing materials and customizable collateral. The investment in the Print-on-Demand solution has proven to be worth every penny. It’s been of tremendous value to ATB."

On-Demand Printing and Efficient Delivery to Your Door

When an order is submitted, our digital print centres produce, package and distribute the materials on-demand. Whether printing a single sign or hundreds of brochures, your staff are enabled to order what they need when they need it, preventing waste, surplus stock and costly warehousing fees. We'll ship to the order's selected business location, or directly to a specified address for remote staff.

Case Study

ATCO Maintains Brand Consistency and Tracks Print Spend with Custom Web-to-Print Storefront

Learn how ATCO's employees can easily access and print up-to-date corporate materials while the organization maintains reliable brand consistency using WebConnect.

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